NBA News: Will D'Angelo Russel Save Lakers After Three Years Of Bad Defense? Heat Fires Up With New Roster

Los Angeles Lakers' D' Angelo Russel wowed the crowd last Sunday as he filled up the scores of the team. Based on his performance, he could be the one to save Los Angeles Lakers from their three years of bad luck. Meanwhile, Miami Heat may have lost Dwyane Wade but the team's coach Erik Spoelstra is positive that their new roster will make it.

Experts predict that Lakers will need a lot of practice and preseason games to get them where they need to be but it looks like it's not going to be that hard with Russel on their team. Head coach Luke Walton says "To me [Russell] keeps getting better. It's going to be an ongoing process, and tonight offensively he got it going with his shot,"

The 20-year-old player has been working hard all summer. "Coming in three times a day, always working hard, asking questions, doing what we've suggested and it's carried into training camp and the early parts of preseason," Walton added

Russel says "We don't want to go through a losing season. We don't want to go through rebuilding as an excuse of losing,"

As for Miami Heat, Spoelstra admits his team is still unstable but says he can always count on the organization's stability and that should help the team cope and move on. "This team that I'm coaching right now, what they deserve is my absolute full attention and commitment," said Heat's head coach. He adds that each team is never built the same way so what's important is that he is able to develop the team and get the players to learn "how to serve and sacrifice and play for something bigger than themselves."

According to reports, the new roster will have Goran Dragic in offense at point guard, Hassan Whiteside in the center and Justise Winslow will be near the basket, giving him more chances of scoring. As for shooting guard, the team will have Wayne Ellington, Tyler Johnson, and Josh Richardson.

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