PlayStation 5 Release Date, Rumors: Next-Gen Console To Arrive In 2018

Sony launched PlayStation Virtual Reality headset for another upgrade in gaming experience. But the tech giant is very determined to bring its users another gaming console, PlayStation 5 despite the success of its predecessor.

Details About Playstation 5?

PlayStation 4 is still on its peak even if it has been out in the market for quite some time. Moreover, Sony just released two new versions of the console, the Slim and the Pro, that are already next-gen in terms of performance and capability. Sony have also already brought virtual reality to PS4, making gamers and industry observers excited as to what the Japanese company can bring with the PlayStation 5.

Following this, speculations have now been flying around the internet, suggesting what gamers could soon see in Sony's next offering, the PS5. According to Ecumenical News, 4K display will be integrated. Perhaps, the new console will introduce real 4K gaming.

There are also rumors stating that Sony might be offering high dynamic range (HDR) on PS5. This is a feature already on the upcoming PS4 Pro, so it is not a surprise. As for its availability, it is said that it will arrive by 2018.

PlayStation 5 Will Almost Be The Same As Its Predecessor?

According to Tech Radar, PS5 will be huge and a component-type or can be a handheld device. But there is a chance that the soon-to-be product will not sport major changes. With the help of internet, Sony made big changes with its gaming console a few years ago, but nothing seemed to change from the very first PlayStation.

"Steam on PC has taught us that disc drives are becoming less and less necessary, but I can't see them being phased out completely for a while yet," said former editor of Official PlayStation Magazine, Ben Wilson.

According to analysts, Sony should disregard discs with PlayStation 5 because it is unnecessary.

"I'd argue that the ever-expanding size of games would cause significant issues for a digital-only machine. Both in terms of download times and the number of games people could store on their hard drive at any one time," explained Matt Pellett, current editor of Official PlayStation Magazine.

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