‘Supernatural’ Season 12 News, Updates, Spoilers: Season Focuses On Mary Winchester’s Resurrection; Misha Collins Reveals Cas Ready To Play Dirty

"Supernatural" season 12 is set to kick off on Thursday, Oct. 13 with new revelations. For one, creatives bank heavily on Mary Winchester's resurrection while Misha Collins revealed that Cas is ready to play dirty.

Mary Winchester's Resurrection Opens Season Premiere

While the plot of "Supernatural" season 12 will focus on Sam Winchester (Jared Tristan Padalecki), producers have pretty exciting tweaks for this season as more airtime will also be dedicated for the comeback of his mother Mary (Samantha Smith). Mary will rise from the dead after 30 years.

According to a report, "Supernatural" season 12 will premiere establishing this season from the vantage point of Mary's revival. From there, the rest of the plot will flow accordingly.

Sam Dies In "Supernatural" Season 12 Finale?

With regard to topping up what season 11 had brought on the table, season 12 will have Sam Winchester face a near-death experience. Speculations arise now that Padalecki's character might die in the season finale. This however has not been confirmed by showrunners until now.

Cas Gets Down And Dirty

Misha Collins who play the role of Castiel/Cas divulged that his character no longer a shrinking violet as he knows now how to get down and dirty. Watch out how he does it this season.

New Cast To Join The Set, Old Characters Return

Collins also revealed that "Supernatural" season 12 is bound to bring more characters into the show. In fact, he said he knew of someone already but cannot reveal as of this time. Also, there's a number of characters from the past seasons that are set to come back.

"Supernatural" Season 12 Brings Pressure To Producers

As Jeremy Carver rested his laurel as producer of the award-winning horror series, Andrew Dabb and Robert Singer assumed his post. During the Comic-Con International 2016 panel, Singer admitted that they felt the pressure for this season as season 11 was an explosive one. When asked about their strategy this season, Singer disclosed that his team wanted to "go back to its roots and spend time telling smaller stories the way the series did when it first started."

Shown in reverse, the two-minute trailer of "Supernatural" teases more fights scenes, including insane hunting and hostage taking.

"Supernatural" season 12 premieres Thursday, Oct. 13 EDT on The CW.

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