Future BMW Motorcycles Will Get Rid Of Helmets And Introduce A New Concept

BMW just celebrated its 100th year anniversary by showcasing its new vehicles. The company has unveiled futuristic concept on Tuesday. The real highlight of the event was BMW's Motorrad Vision Next 100.

The BMW Motorrad Vision Next 100

The BMW Motorrad Vision Next 100 motorcycle was introduced alongside cars BMW, Rolls-Royce and Mini. Though it was really hard to miss the innovative design of the BMW Motorrad. Its head of design Edgar Heinrich has revealed that the concept was developed a lot earlier than usual.

According to Bloomberg, the said bike is integrated with self-balancing systems. It keeps the motorcycle upright both when standing and in motion. The innovative features of the BMW Motorrad Vision Next 100 are the installed Digital Companion and The Visor systems.

The first system basically gives advice and ideas to the rider. It is meant to improve the riding experience. The Visor is actually a bit cooler than the Digital Companion. It's a pair of glasses as it is evident in the name but this is not the usual glasses.

The rider is able to control it through his/her eye movements. It can cover the entire field of vision. Bloomberg added that it will also offer active feedback about road conditions. This is while it constantly adjusts the ride of the bike. That will depend on the rider's driving style.

According to Autoweek, the rider who was wearing the visor was asked about it. She said that the vision on the road is at the top of the face shield. The lower part displays other information. BMW the said technology will soon replace what is currently being used.

No Need For Bike Helmets

BMW reiterated that the assistance systems in the bike will keep the riders safe. Hence, there's really no need for protective clothing that includes helmets and padded suits.

They also pointed out that the speed and enjoyment of the riders will not be compromised. In fact, it will even allow them to keep on pushing boundaries.

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