Rihanna And Drake Breaks Up Again: Will They Ever Get Back Together? Or Just Remain Friends?

The entertainment industry was rattled with news when another famous couple, Rihanna and Drake, have announced that they have broken up, with rumors even going around that a third party is involved.

Rihanna and Drake have split up again, which concluded their rather short summer fling. The two artists have been making headlines for the past few months after they officially told the world about their relationship. They have publicized their relationship as much as they can through nonstop partying and double performances. The two even got matching tattoos to signify their feelings for each other and to top it off, Drake even made an emotional speech at the 2016 MTV VMAs, confessing his love to Rihanna.

With all these public displays of affection going around, it is deemed that the celebrity couple’s relationship is going strong until Drake and Rihanna had come out to say that they have split up. The news came as a shocker especially for their fans who have been rooting for them both, asking what exactly could have been the reason for the split. Insiders have dished out that Drake has been seeing Indiana Love the past few weeks, while some say that Rihanna and Drake have just drifted apart because of their individual schedules but remain as close friends.

Whether or not the reasons for the breakup are true, fans are asking now if Rihanna and Drake will eventually get back together again or finally just end up simply being friends. According to some sources, it has been revealed that the feelings in the relationship were not mutual as it was only Drake who loved Rihanna. Rihanna, though fond of Drake, wanted to take things slow and was not ready for commitment. Aside from that, the female singer is said to be focusing on her career now. Based on the how the couple split up in 2010 and eventually getting back together this year, the situation between Rihanna and Drake is hard to tell.

Canadian artist, Drake has released a song titled, “Too Good” featuring ex-girlfriend, Rihanna. The song was released on July 26, 2016, and has reached the top spot on Billboard’s US Rhythmics rankings. Rihanna also collaborated with Drake on her song, “Work”, which was released in January. The official music video of “Work” has garnered 746 million views to date.

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