‘Dance Moms’ Season 7 Cast News, Spoilers & Updates: Jill & Kendall Vertes Fire Abby Lee Miller

It would be a fiery week in “Dance Moms” season 7 as dance coach Abby Lee Miller has been fired by student Kendall Vertes and her mother Jill. The two ended their professional partnership because the coach has allegedly been sitting on Kendall’s entire music album.

IBT reported that Jill was initially apprehensive that Abby would react badly to the news in the Tuesday episode of "Dance Moms" season 7, titled “Abby, You’re Fired.” But the mother of Kendall had second thoughts after Abby assigned Kendall to the “Minecraft” routine as part of the elite group made up of Kendall, Kalani Hilliker and JoJo Siwa.

“It would take a whole lot for me to forgive and forget how Abby mishandled Kendall’s music. But this week Abby gives her this amazing number so if she’s going to start treating Kendall better, I’ll take it in a heartbeat!” Jill said.

Was Abby Trying To Win Jill & Kendall Back?

However, the other mothers warned Jill that Abby may be trying to win them back. She considered Abby’s picking Kendall for the routine as the dance coach’s way of saying she would do better as manager of her daughter’s music. Jill was willing to reconsider her decision to fire Abby if the latter would admit she messed up and offer to help put the songs out from Kendall’s album which got a No. 1 video.

The other moms approached Abby over her failure to release Kendall’s music, but the dance coach told them the Verteses did not want to work with her anymore. Jill retorted that Abby held up Kendall’s music for two years.

Abby Gives Kendall Solo Number

After Abby received the letter from Jill’s attorney to nullify their contract, the dance coach begins the pyramid upon arrival at the studio. She moved Elliana from the top to the bottom of the pyramid because Elliana forgot her part and JoJo’s duet during the competition, as Buddy TV reported.

When she is done with rearranging the pyramid, she announced the solos as replacement for Maddie and Mackenzie Ziegler who left the team. The solos went to Kalani, JoJo and Kendall which surprised everyone since the Vertes’ lawyer had dissolved the management contract between Abby and the Verteses. Abby assigned Kendall to dance the contemporary “Cold & Clear.”

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