'One Piece' Episode 760 Spoilers: Jack Tortures Minks For Information About Raizo

As the clock strikes at midnight, Duke Dog Storm retreats to pass the baton to Master Cat Viper.  In "One Piece" episode 760, the long lasting battle between Dog Storm, Master Cat and Jack continues. Spoilers suggest that Jack will poison the Minks to get information about Raizo.

In "One Piece" episode 759, Dog Storm's attacks to Jack almost had no effect. The Duke's attacks did not weaken Jack one bit and he stood unmoved while Dog Storm was having a hard time. He was thrown by Jack into a building and barely escaped a fatal blow.

Meanwhile, the Gifters Grip Trio killed some Musketeers, and the Minks were actually in an advantage as Zunisha used her rain eruption which swept the Beasts Pirates with the flood. However, they were pushed to the losing end once again after the flood was gone.

The sun began to set, the Duke made a retreat and Cat Viper rushed to the City with his men. He immediately launched an attack and flipped Jack, confident that he can beat him with renewed energy. However, everyone was surprised to see Jack's true from. He transformed into a giant human with bladed weapons. The battle continued as the Heart Pirates arrived to help the Minks.  

The upcoming "One Piece" episode 760, titled "Destruction of the Capital - Twirly Hat Crew Arrives on Land" is directed by Tetsuya Endo while Shigefumi Shingaki is the animation director. In the episode,  the battle will continue for a few more days. Duke Dog Storm and Master Cat Viper will take turns to recharge themselves while in battle. Spoilers suggest that Jack will lose his patience on the fifth day of the battle and will poison the Minks. He will also torture them to get information on Raizo's whereabouts.

"One Piece" episode 760 will air on Sunday, Oct. 16.


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