Here’s What Happened To Justin Bieber’s Concert In London O2 Arena

Justin Bieber is considered the most sought actor of this generation. With his songs "Baby" and "First Time", Bieber is surely one of the all-time favorite performers all around the globe - especially amongst the "millenials" or "young breed". But what happened in London O2 Arena? Can viewers still recognize "Justin Bieber" now as a performer?

According to Independent, London O2 Arena showed a great support for the performer. Fans were all around the place and did not hesitate to show their love and their care to Bieber. "Beliebers" as they call themselves; they really portrayed the word "believer".

The source reiterated that a giant 3D animation really gave a huge impact to its viewers. As the website described, it is "like some kind of religious prophet coming back down to the Earth". The concert on the side of the production team was really a spectacle and is amazing.

However, Justin Bieber seemed to fall a bit short of people's expectations. Commentators of the show were disappointed with how Justin showed artistry in his performance. Bieber seems to rely fully on lip-syncing and showed lack of interest during his performances. News stated that his dancing was not on his full potential, his drumming was described as like a kid enjoying in a playground.

Digital Spy also reiterated that Justin, during his high octane routines, depended on pre-recorded vocal. This was a great disappointment to some because they see Justin as one of the great performers around the world.  To add insult to injury, he also cracked jokes that are unnecessary in the show.

But with all that, Beliebers remained as believers showing their great support and love to Justin Bieber. They scream at the top of their lungs and still join in every music of the singer. The crown was an epitome of real love for an artist. People are still hoping that they would still see Justin Bieber perform just like before.

Here's clip of Justin Bieber's performance:

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