UFO 2016: Footage Of Object '120 Times' Faster Than Airplane Released, Baffles Viewers

Science has answered a lot of questions regarding unexplained events in our planet and outer space. But answers remain elusive to a mysterious question that's often asked: Are we alone in the Universe?

Well, if rumors are to believed, we are not. A recent UFO sighting has got people stirring when a TV news station in New Zealand revealed an aircraft travelling 120 times faster than a standard plane, according to HNGN.

UFO Traveling Beyond Human Technology

The unidentified aircraft was seen originating from New Zealand and was speeding towards Canberra, Australia. The velocity at which it was travelling was well beyond human technology and could easily outpace any military-grade aircraft currently in existence.

The broadcast said that flight trackers gave the unidentified object the name ZED-GD-DG. When a famous Australian UFO blogger checked the FAA website if such a flight did exist during the time of the sighting, no records could be found.

Aside from this "irrefutable UFO evidence," as some are calling it, the news station allegedly captured images of an object around the same time that the speeding craft was spotted, said Techworm. However, there are still people who are not convinced.

Cynics Voice Their Theories

Sightings such as this have a lot of explanations. The tracker, for instance, could have experienced a technical glitch in its system. The glitch could have then caused the tracker to momentarily lose the plane's data as it was travelling, picked it up again from its last point of capture, then traced its path again creating the super-speed seen on the tracker.

Another commenter said that an aircraft travelling at that speed couldn't possibly be captured by radar. And it's important to note that among other UFO sightings reported in the past, no conclusive evidence has ever been uncovered.

Of course, there are those out there that would blame the government for obscuring such facts. For now, opinions remain polarized regarding this particular sighting until such time that concrete evidence surfaces that will prove that extraterrestrial life does exist and are among us.

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