Google Launches Sprayscape App, Experiments On Virtual Reality

Google always want to keep in pace with other tech companies. They have recently unveiled a bunch of new devices that includes the new Google pixel phones and the Daydream View. Now, the tech giant has launched a new app called Sprayscape.

It may not be exactly an exciting innovation. Nothing is perfect especially when it is still being experimented on. Google has to step up when it comes to virtual reality technology. But for a mobile VR, the new Sprayscape camera app may be decent.

What Is Sprayscape?

The name Sprayscape pretty much gives an idea of what it does. The new app is currently available for download on Android devices. But a version for iOS will also be released. It does not require too much memory space. The Sprayscape is only 25MB in size that's already manageable enough.

Sprayscape uses the phone's gyroscope. It will basically place you inside a 360-degree sphere. It virtually sprays paints on whatever it is your canvas. The user has to turn the phone on the place. Then, the screen has to be tapped to activate its main function.

Google also mentioned that your creations can be shared with your friends. They can just click the link to access your "scapes". They can explore your creations using their phones or Google Cardboard.

According to Tech Crunch, the gyroscope data is being read by the Cardboard SDK. The one controlling the camera is the NatCam Unity plugin. The code for the app is made public by Google. It can be seen on GitHub.

Should You Download The App?

There's no risk in trying the new app. People can see for themselves if this can be promising or not. But if you are a VR enthusiast, you will be more critical about the Sprayscape. Nothing still beats the VR experience offered by VR headsets.

People should also know that there's little expectation with mobile VR. It's more affordable but it's limited. Google describes it best as a "perfectly imperfect VR-ish camera app for Android". However, people who are artistic might enjoy the new app.

The PC Mag still recommends it despite finding several flaws in it. You might not like the ununiformed images on your screen. The size can be adjusted to only three sizes. There's no other option for the shape other than the image being oval. But at least, the user can switch between the front and rear cameras.

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