MacBook Pro 2016 Almost Confirmed As Apple Prototype Devices Leak: Late October Launch Still A Good Bet

It looks like Apple's surprises for 2016 doesn't end with the iPhone event. A recent leak coming from the surprisingly reliable site Reddit has revealed that Apple has been developing the next Macs all along. This includes the long-rumored MacBook Pro 2016. However, as expected, Apple isn't confirming nor denying anything just yet.

MacBook Pro 2016 Leak

As per the leakster, Foxconn held an event at a Chinese university and they reportedly showcased prototypes that Apple will soon be releasing. It is worth noting that Foxconn is Apple's biggest manufacturing partner. According to the leak, the said manufacturer showed off a MacBook keyboard module and a very early prototype of Apple's E Ink Magic Keyboard.

Additionally, it was also said that Foxconn hosted the event with startups that they have invested in, including Sonder. According to the leak, Sonder is responsible for making the smart keyboard module that uses a magnetic mechanical mechanism and an E Ink display. The post also added that Apple is about to close an acquisition deal for the said startup manufacturer.

MacBook Pro 2016 News

The same source said that an early demo unit of the keyboard has been shared via video. However, it's just a short demo that simply gives people an idea of what the early design of the keyboard looks like. The source also said that the exact MacBook and Magic Keyboard used in the event couldn't be filmed. However, the source described the new MacBooks to have "every key as a screen and had a lighting panel."

MacBook Pro 2016 Release

As per BGR, Apple is rumored to hold a new event this month. Although the company is still keeping its silence on the matter, these leaks strongly suggest that Apple might still have more surprises up its sleeves. The said leak did not only fuel the fire about the upcoming MacBook Pro 2016, it also confirmed that Apple has been developing new products all this time. This means that despite the silence of the company, they have been working vigorously inside their facilities.

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