Possible Reasons Why Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Exploding

More than a hundred cases of a Samsung Galaxy Note 7 bursting into flames have been reported since it was made available. While the real culprit has yet to be determined, theories have sprung up.

Just this week, Samsung was forced to stop the production and selling of the Galaxy Note 7, its flagship smartphone. The introduction of the Galaxy Note 7 was met with excitement as it was expected to be one of the best Android devices yet to be produced. It was also meant to leave the iPhone 7 on is trails as the Apple device didn't really click with the tech-savvy crowd.

However, the Galaxy Note 7 proved to be a major disappointment due to a number of factors. But the biggest factor is its tendency to burn up or explode. Samsung started investigating the complaints but came out empty-handed. But some have come up with possible reasons why the device has become a fire hazard.

One of the potential reasons behind the exploding Galaxy Note 7 is the highly flammable lithium-ion batteries it employs. Another claims that the device is packed with too many innovations that the unit just couldn't handle it. A Samsung representative also mentioned the possibility of a manufacturing error as the cause of the explosions. He stressed that the error caused plates within the battery cells to be exposed to pressure. Such action may have caused the positive and negative poles to come into contact thus igniting the fire.

Samsung has so far been unable to create concrete solutions to deal with the problem. Their engineers have yet to replicate the problem so they are still unable to find a solution. At first, the company concluded that the fiery issue had something to do with their batteries. But after introducing the replacements which used batteries different from the ones in the previous units, the problem remained.

Samsung ended up permanently halting the production of the Galaxy Note 7. This announcement may have come a bit too late for many as an estimated two million units have already been sold. Owners of the controversial Samsung device are advised to return their handset to get a full refund or exchange it for another device.

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