'Steven Universe' Season 4 Spoilers, News And Updates: Series To End Hiatus Soon? 'Gem Harvest' Episode To Push Through?

The hit animated series "Steven Universe" has been on hiatus since September. However, new reports claim that the fourth season of Cartoon Networks' popular show might end soon with an episode that has been long overdue, "Gem Harvest."

To recall, "Steven Universe" came to a sudden halt following its 7th episode titled "Onion's Gang." The unannounced break drew various reactions from fans. The said episode featured the odd friendship between Steven and Onion. It also introduced Onion's "pantry of friends" including Squash, Garbanzos, Pinto and Soup.

During the New York Comic-Con event, "Steven Universe" Season 4 creator Rebecca Sugar revealed some of the things fans can expect when their favorite series returns. Sugar unveiled a new song titled "I Could Never Be Ready," which allegedly be part of an upcoming episode called "Three Gems And A Baby." The creator even treated fans to a preview of the song as she played a few lines during the event.

The "Steven Universe" panel also teased a preview of an episode believed to be ending the hiatus titled "Gem Harvest." The said episode has been pushed back several times in the past that fans started to think that it was a fake episode. However, the panel did not disclose a specific date of the show's return.

Rumors claim that "Steven Universe" Season 4 might resume on Thanksgiving Day as pointed out by a fan that saw the date in TV Showtime application. However, many insisted that it could be just a mistake since Cartoon Network is known for not airing "Steven Universe" episodes on holidays.

Meanwhile, an image of alleged episode titles for "Steven Universe" Season 4 and 5 was leaked online. According to the post, in case Season 4 resumes, the episodes will be "Tiger Philanthropist," "Gem Harvest," "Lar's Car," "Oceangate," "Breakfast or Bust," "Flower Tower" and "Steven's Sister" respectively. On the other hand, Season 5 will allegedly air episodes called "Crash Landing," "Monster Meltdown," "The Promise," "Milky's Way," "Mystery Market," "Soleless Survivor" and "Gem Thief" respectively. However, no dates were indicated in the said image leak so fans were still left guessing as to when exactly the show returns.

As of this writing, there has been no specific date announced yet. For now, here's the clip of "Steven Universe" Season 4 "Gem Harvest" episode.

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