‘Sister Wives’ Season 8 News, Updates, Spoilers: Spin Off Not Happening; Sister Wives Now In War With Each Other

By Donna Marie Lapena Padua , Oct 13, 2016 08:46 AM EDT

Previous rumors about the cancellation of the "Sister Wives" season 8 have brought the followers of the polygamous family in dismay, but spinoff confirmations shed some light on the issue. Yet again, talks are at a widespread that the plan for "Sister Wives" spinoff is not happening anymore and the wives are now blaming each other why TLC dropped the show.

Kody Brown's involvement in issues of courting a fifth wife has led to the previous speculations that TLC is not airing a season 8 for the "Sister Wives" show. However, there might be an upcoming spinoff, though it will not include Kody. Other issues continued to go out, including Meri's dating with another man, Kody's association to the family's nanny (Mindy Jessop) and worst, divorce rumors.

Reports said that Meri plans to divorce Kody and finally move on with her life, but it was also said that Meri's dating status is what pushed her to make the divorce decision. The first wife has even been expressive about her "freedom" ideas that she brings to her Twitter account. More talks then came out that three other wives also want out and that they all want to split up with husband, Kody.

Sister Wives Blame Each Other For Show's Ratings

With all these dramas happening within the family, an insider went out with a statement that TLC is not as interested to air another series about the family anymore; neither a season 8 nor spinoff might not happen in the future. The show went on for six years with all the wives living together, but they are now said to turn against each other for issues that included the show's dropping ratings, according to an exclusive report by Life & Style.

"The series has nothing to say anymore. So TLC was talking about replacing it," an unnamed insider said. "With the show in trouble, they're all feeling desperate right now, but instead of bonding, the wives are fighting over whose fault it is," the source added.

The reality TV series follows the life of a polygamous family consisting of Kody Brown and his four wives, Janelle, Meri, Robyn, and Christine. With the four wives and one husband living under one roof, a myriad of viewers got intrigued about the family's unusual setup that basically led the show to air for seven seasons.

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