'Scream Queens' News, Spoilers, Updates: Dr. Holt Behind Chad's Unfortunate Death? Fans React Wildly To Fan Fave Character

The third episode of the hit FOX series "Scream Queens" has created waves among fans when the most awaited wedding of Chad Radwell (Glen Powell) and Chanel Oberlin (Emma Roberts) never even started, following the former's shocking death. Fans are now speculating who is behind the death, with most pointing fingers at Dr. Brock Holt (John Stamos).

Episode 3 mainly focused on the preparation for Chad and Chanel's wedding. Chad surprised Chanel with a wedding proposal, but it was said that it was mostly with the intention of beating Dr. Holt in their competition over Chanel. And so as the two are set to be wed, Chanel was seen in the episode happily planning her wedding all in a single day. Chad, in an act of his magnanimity, asked Dr. Holt to become his best man in his wedding.

With the fans enjoying the run of the story, "Scream Queens" Season 2 revealed the biggest shock of the show when at the end of the third episode, a bloody Chad fell down the chapel and appeared dead at the altar. A lot of fans are now speculating that if Chad was really dead, Dr. Holt must be the killer, following the fierce competition of the two over Chanel's affection.

In a post from a "Scream Queens" news account in Twitter, "Handidates" gathered a massive 1.64 million viewers for that single episode, which might signal an improvement from its previous viewers' rating that was reported to be relatively low. However, the thrilling episode also caused a meltdown among fans when what was supposed to be the happiest part of the show turned out to be a tragedy.

Fans have been bringing to social media a number of comments about "Scream Queens" Season 2 killing off Chad. The unfortunate event where Chanel was made a widow before she got married revealed that Chad is the favorite character of most fans of the TV show.

As much as Chad seems dead in "Handidates", Chad will still be a part of the next episode "Halloween Blues," according to IMDB. However, whether Chad will be dead or revived in the next episode still remains up in the air.

The truth about Chad's death will be revealed in "Halloween Blues," which will air on FOX on Oct 18.

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