Apple's Upcoming A10X Chip Makes Its Predecessor Look Weak In Comparison

Apple is reportedly working on an A10X super chip that will likely blow its predecessors away.

Last year, Apple unveiled its iPad Pro alongside iPhone 6s. While 6s enjoyed much of the attention, iPad Pro was seen as a functional office-oriented tablet that could be seen as an alternative to a laptop. The tablet sported the A9X chip, a component much more powerful than the A9 inside the iPhone 6s.

A10X Chip is 28 Percent Superior Than A9X

According to Techtastic, A10X chip is the advanced version of the A10, which currently runs the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus. If the trend continues, A10X will likely be included in the next iPad Pro 2 models.

A10X chip is two times more powerful than the recent A9X. The latest chip is given a multiprocessor score of 6,588 while the A9X got 4,990. If these numbers are true and the latest chip comes in the upcoming iPad Pro 2, it would definitely exceed the performance of A9X big time.

Apple iPad Pro 2 Features

Apple has not yet revealed any information about the upcoming iPad Pro 2 models. But rumors say that it carries an iSight technology, Retina Flash, True Tone for more vivid colors and a 12 MP camera. It will also be available in 265 GB. The upcoming iPad is meant for business purposes, thus it might come with a more convenient typing experience and a longer battery life.

Apple iPad Pro 2 release date 

Speculations on the iPad Pro's release date hint a launch next year. Motley Fool who wrote on the iPad Pro 2 speculation explained that mass production for 10 nanometer chip will be done at the end of 2016; meaning, iPad Pro 2 will not come out to the surface soon, at least not this year. The semiconductor company was also the manufacturer of A9X chip.  

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