Samsung to Galaxy S7 Users: Your Phone Is Safe

Samsung is trying to hold on to Galaxy S7 users who might get confused with the recent Galaxy Note 7 debacle by sending out messages ensuring that their phone is safe and is not included in the worldwide recall.

Samsung's Push Notifications

As reported by TechnoBuffalo, some Galaxy S7 users are receiving push notifications from Samsung stating that their S7 or S7 Edge is safe and is not part of the worldwide recall program that the Korean company has initiated for the troubled Galaxy Note 7. This may have been Samsung's move to remind users that the battery problem is an incident unique to the Note brand and that owners should not worry about the case affecting them too.

Users Might Confuse Their Galaxy S7 as the Note 7

It is said that customers might confuse their Galaxy S7 or S7 Edge handsets as the Note 7 since all of them bears the number "7" branding. The case may be true to some who are not well informed about the Note 7 incident or to those who simply need some reassurance coming from the tech giant itself.

Samsung's Ulterior Motive

This process is Samsung's way of holding on to customers of their well-received S7 line that the Korean company cannot afford to lose. As reported, the Galaxy Note 7 line fiasco caused the Samsung a predicted $17 billion loss and may have tainted their Note brand or worse, other Samsung products also.

While this notification is somewhat commendable, it can also be perceived as pure business strategy. Samsung can fast track the release of the Samsung Galaxy S8 or work on a refreshed Note 7, though highly doubtful, in order to recuperate the loss they incurred with the infamous phablet. In the meantime, it is only logical to focus on the S7 and S7 Edge market performance.

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