'Yuri!!! On Ice' Anime Review

Yuri!!! On Ice is a sports anime recently released and has been taking the anime fandom by storm. It does its job well of incorporating fluid animation with heavy and strong emotions - all of which the creators have done a good job of executing. From its amazing animation style to its fluid way of storytelling - Yuri!!! On Ice is definitely a must-watch.

In Yuri!!! On Ice, you follow the story of Yuri Katsuki, who grew up idolizing Russian figure skater Viktor Nikiforov so he went and become one of Japan's best in competitive figure skating. After experiencing a crushing defeat in the Gran Prix Finale, he had thoughts of retiring from competing and couldn't quite make up his mind until Viktor Nikiforov visited him and decided to become his coach.

From opening to end, what stood out from Yuri!!! On Ice is the amazing animation and how fluid and smooth the moves are. From executing quads to breaking spins, it was apparent that lots of work and effort were put into every episode. The song choices are amazing too and does a great job of making people feel and understand Yuri Katsuki without having to experience it themselves.

To be fair, Yuri Katsuki is an easy character to feel an affinity with. We all at some point idolized someone and wanted to be them, to the point of significant obsession. Yuri is just lucky enough to get to know his idol, Viktor. So in the second episode, when the Russian Yuri appeared and they had a bet- whoever wins gets Viktor as their coach, the once timid Yuri showed that had fire in him all along. He just needs the right motivation.

I was surprised by how much passion the anime held; not just in the art of figure skating but in the anime itself. The opening sequence is a masterpiece, that alone lists Yuri!!! On Ice as a must-see. If you like anime that gives you hope, dreams - and inspires in you a willingness to succeed then you should watch Yuri!!! On Ice.

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