WWE Exclusive: AJ Styles Dropping The WWE World Title To Who? Details Inside

Ever since the brand split started, there is no doubt that Smackdown Live is getting the upper hand of it. Thanks to Shane McMahon and the General Manager of Smackdown Daniel Bryan. But the biggest reason why Smackdown live is dominating Monday Night Raw is because of its champion, AJ Styles.

AJ Styles who made his mark all over the world decided to go to WWE and immediately made an impact. He made his presence felt in Royal Rumble and considered as the greatest surprise entrant in Royal Rumble history. But the face that runs the place didn't stop there. He made a point to everybody in the locker room that he is simply phenomenal.

AJ Styles lost to Chris Jericho in this years Wrestlemania but the master of offensive innovation used that lost as a motivation to climb up the ladder. He's one of the first WWE Superstar to be picked and drafted to Smackdown Live. The next they say is history. AJ Styles went on berserk as he displayed his in-ring brilliance, his mic skills is of the hook and he has the magic or it factor to connect to the WWE Universe with ease.

He then again met John Cena, this time, the tides have turn. The fifteen time champ who carried WWE for almost a decade might have defeated some of the greats, but there's no other like AJ Styles. No club, no interruption, no interference, AJ defeated John Cena twice. The most recent one? Summerslam, where he defeated the Cenation leader, fair and clean.

Next stop would be backlash where he faced the Lunatic Fringe, Dean Ambrose. AJ won the match in a controversial manner but hey, a win is a win. Then just 4 days ago in a Triple Threat Match with John Cena and Dean Ambrose in No Mercy PPV, he retained the WWE World Championship and solidify his name as the man who best Cena and Ambrose in one night.

So what's next with the phenomenal one? On a recent note with Ringside News, the plan will go this way. Ambrose will take on Styles in a championship match at Survivor Series. In which AJ Styles will retain his title. What will happen to Cena? John Cena is taking a "break" due to he is currently filming American Grit. The plan is once Cena will return, he will challenge AJ Styles.

WWE creative is leaning towards the idea that AJ Styles defeated Cena three times in a row until TLC. Right after that, who knows, the Cenation might finally get his chance to be called as sixteen time world champion. Let us check the highlights of this epic rivalry from The Phenomenal one and The Champ.

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