‘The Voice Thailand’ Contestant Sings ‘Dragon Ball Z’ Opening Theme; Turns All Four Chairs

Looks like "Dragon Ball" fever has reached Thailand. And that was proven true when a contestant made all four judges turn in the fifth season of "The Voice Thailand" on Sunday, with his impressive "Dragon Ball Z" performance.

Ditthawat Chaikaewruchikorn, a 35-year-old aspiring singer, took everyone by surprise with his electrifying performance of "Cha-La Head-Cha-La" during his blind audition. Saharat Sangkhapricha, one of the show's four coaches, instantly pushed his button seconds after the hit theme song started playing and before the contestant could even finish the first line.

Sangkhapricha was then followed by the rest of the coaches - Namchok Natanrom, Thanida Dhammawimol and Joey Boy - as they pushed their buzzers and turn to enjoy his performance more. Coach Joey Boy, a hip-hop artist, almost immediately recognized the theme song and was even caught singing along at one point.

Chaikaewruchikorn's choice of song might seem unconventional given that it was in full Japanese, but he totally nailed it. Following his epic performance, he acted out the symbolic "Kamehameha" gesture, an infamous attack technique of "Dragon Ball" hero Son Goku.

With his impressive Japanese skills, the coaches wondered if he could do other anime theme songs. Coach Natanrom requested for "Doraemon no Uta." Although hesitant at first, Chaikaewruchikorn goes all out in singing the hit "Doreamon" opening song, making the audience chant along with him.

As if that wasn't impressive enough, the anime singer belted out another hit, "Pegasus Fantasy," the opening theme of the classic anime "Saint Saya."

After a great deal of convincing and careful consideration, Chaikaewruchikorn picked coach Joey Boy to mentor him throughout his "The Voice" journey. Chaikaewruchikorn's "Cha-La Head-Cha-La" performance was the only four chair-turner of the entire episode.

The said performance has raked in 4 million views on YouTube in only a span of four days and 252,000 on "The Voice Thailand" official Facebook page. Check out Chaikaewruchikorn's astounding performance below.

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