A Leaked Press Release Reveals VMware And Amazon Partnership Before The Official Announcement

Leaked photos or documents of upcoming gadgets and business partnerships are not unique. Sometimes they are released unintentionally. VMware may have committed an honest mistake. An evident press announcement was published online. A statement explaining the partnership of WMware and Amazon hit the internet temporarily.

It was then taken down from the original site. This happened before the press conference previously set by the two companies. It is expected to be up again on the site after the official announcement.

The Premature Press Statement

VMware's Vice President for Product and Cloud Platform Business Unit Mark Lohmeyer has written what they call as VMware Cloud on AWS. It basically means VMware software are made available through Amazon's cloud service.

According to the Geek Wire, organizations that use virtualization can now easily run applications on any AWS cloud environment. This is a good strategy for both IT company to bring virtualization and cloud together. If it actually works well, data centers will be provided with a better service.

VMware says it will bring their Software-Defined Data Center (SDCC) infrastructure software along with the vSphere, VSAN and NSX across compute, network and storage.

How Will It Affect VMware's Own vCloud Air?

According to the Business Insider, VMware's vCloud Air will become an alternative for customers. The partnership means that they have the option to link their data centers to Amazon's cloud. VMware and Amazon won't have to compete this time.

The VMWare Cloud on AWS will just add another service provider to a number of VMware's service providers.

The Official Announcement

AWS CEO Andy Jassy acknowledged the benefit of collaborating with VMware. During the official announcement, he said that it will now be easier for customers to operate a consistent and seamless hybrid IT environment.

Jassy added that they will not already be required to buy custom hardware, rewrite their applications or modify their operating model.

Geek Wire also reports that VMware and Amazon revealed their early customers include Western Digital and Sysco.

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