Dating Site Tinder Upgrades It's Matching Algorithm

The popular dating app Tinder with over a billion "swipes" per day has introduced a new algorithm called Smart Photos that promises users to help them getting more dates by making it easier to stand out among the masses.

Tinder's Smart Photos

According to Fortune, the Smart Photos algorithm works by finding the best photo of a user and automatically re-ordering profile pictures so that the top photo is seen first by other Tinder users. The algorithm is tracking users' swiping habits and the feature works by putting first those photos of the user that get the most swipes.

Smart Photos appears in the Profile section of the Tinder app as a single toggle. Tinder continuously tests your various profile photos co when the new Smart Photos feature is toggled on. The Smart Photos algorithm take into account both the swiping patterns of people looking at a user profile, as well as the overall popularity of user's photos.

Increase In Matches On Tinder

According to TechCrunch, the mobile dating app Tinder has long been quiet about the data its matching algorithms take into account about its users. There is, of course, the obvious stuff, like age, gender, bio information and location. For those users who hook up their Instagram with Tinder there is more data.

Tinder, however, has never explained outright that its matching algorithms are paying attention to what each user is swiping within an image. The company has always said, in fact, that most successful pictures are those where the users are being themselves.

Now, Tinder announced on a post on its blog that it is working to design ways to make swiping more effective and fun. The new Smart Photos feature provides only a good way to check which way of presenting yourself is the most compelling to other users but it is also designed to bring users more matches, Tinder said. The company found in testing that those users who have their Smart Photos feature toggled on experience up to 12 percent increase in matches. 

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