‘Supernatural’ Season 12 Episode 1 Spoilers And Recap: Series Premiere With Mary Winchester’s Return? Sam Fights For His Life

American fantasy horror TV series, “Supernatural” has finally kicked off its 12th Season this month, bringing back the great cast to fend off Lucifer, and even getting tangled into plot twists fans never expected.

“Supernatural” has released its teasers for the first episode of Season 12. The trailer showed familiar characters as well as the return of Mary Winchester, mother of the two Winchester brothers. Along with that revelation, it seems like the kidnapped Sam Winchester is in a tight spot as he gets deeper into a squabble that forces him to fight for his life.

After leaving fans with an anti-climatic season finale with Season 11, fans are anticipating that Season 12 will make up for it and that it will be as entertaining and strong as it should be. Episode 23 of Season 11, titled “Alpha and Omega” gave a conclusion to the Amara storyline, which was a truce.

True to the teasers that “Supernatural” released, injured Sam is dragged around by Toni so he can question him. He demanded information from Sam, which Sam did not disclose, despite the extreme torture he went through. Meanwhile, Dean meets his resurrected mother, Mary, and the two find out about Sam’s disappearance and decided to look for him. They find Toni, who refuses to hand over Sam, and orders Ms. Watt to kill the Winchesters. Mary was able to kill Ms. Watt with the use of Castiel’s angel blade, which led to Lucifer being let out. Lucifer then started to search for a new vessel.

“Supernatural” is an American fantasy horror television series created by Eric Kripke, which has been airing since September 2005. To date, the “Supernatural” series has 12 seasons and aired 242 episodes. Season 12 airs every Thursday on The CW. Season 12 Episode 2, titled “Mamma Mia” will air on October 20.

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