AMD RX490 Leaked, Arrival Confirmed?

A leak from months ago revealed that the AMD RX 490 is actually coming this year. However, what's uncertain is if it's just getting unveiled or if it's getting released as well. The said leak came from AMD's own website. Apparently, the tech giant included the AMD RX 490 in their 2016 promo that would be ending December 31. Although it's the nearest thing fans can get to a clue, it's almost enough to keep fans waiting.

AMD RX 490 Release Date

It's worth noting that the said RX 490 leak has already been removed. Nevertheless, WCCFtech has captured a screenshot of the said promotion and it indeed shows an AMD RX 490 in the list. If AMD's top-notch GPU is indeed part of that said list, then it's safe to say that the company will at least reveal all the details about the RX 490 this year.

There are other sources saying that the new graphics won't be released until 2017, and even then, there's still no assurance that the company will be able to produce the AMD RX 490 in volumes. This actually isn't impossible. Nevertheless, if the mentioned leak really has something to do with the launch date of the AMD RX 490, then a detailed unveiling might as well come within the next two months.

AMD RX 490 News

One source says that the said GPU would be released this year. However, until AMD says something concrete, nothing is confirmed at the moment. This means that the argument of whether the RX 490 will be Vega-based or Polaris-based will still continue. The debate on whether the said GPU will be dual or not will also remain unanswered. In the heat of excitement and frustrations, fans' arguments are getting more and more interesting. Needless to say, only AMD has the answer.

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