The Surface Phone Will Be A Success And Will Change Microsoft Forever

The Surface Phone Will Be A Success And Will Change Microsoft Forever
Microsoft's alleged Surface Phone could be the game-changer for Microsoft. Photo : DevsDroid / YouTube

It might sound a little too biased, but it's actually not impossible for the Surface Phone to change Microsoft's fate when it comes to smartphones. Sure, the Lumia was an utter failure, and even the OEMs' Windows Phones aren't exactly a big thing on the market, but Microsoft might finally have it all figured out. The Lumia series might have failed to become a big deal but it was a good experiment for Microsoft. It was still a step worth taking. Now, the company's next shot in the mobile phone market is the rumored Surface Phone and it's not exactly hard to believe that this time they'll make it.

Microsoft Surface Phone As Microsoft's Saving Grace

First and foremost, it's worth mentioning that failing to succeed in the mobile phone division will not in any way drag Microsoft down. Microsoft is a giant tech company. However, it's still quite unfortunate to think how they can miss the mark when it comes to phone manufacturing. But as mentioned above, Lumia's unsuccessful battle might as well be charged to experiment. Now, as the company tries to move on, it's safe for fans to say that the Surface Phone could actually save the company's diminishing confidence when it comes to smartphones.

If the Surface Phone becomes a success, then Microsoft can enter the market that Android an iOS seem to dominate. It would also make Windows Mobile a serious option for a larger part of the population. There are a few ways for Microsoft to make this possible. With that said, it's quite obvious that our expectation is quite high.

Microsoft Surface Phone Expectations

For the Surface Phone to become a success, it should hit its competitors at the right spot. Clearly, donning the phone with impeccable specs isn't enough. This has been proven with the Lumia 950 and 950 XL. What's important for the Surface Phone is for it to offer something that the iOS and Android do not have, and at the same time, offer everything that they do have. With that said, it may be time for the Windows Mobile to work on its apps. Clearly, apps are one of the main reasons why it's hard for the masses to be attached to a Windows phone. It might not be the only factor that matters, but it really does matter.

If the company would continue to target the business sect and the business sect alone, then improving the apps might not be necessary. But if the goal is to make Windows Mobile a thing of the household, then something should be done. Luckily though, Windows Mobile has a lot to offer that the iOS and Android do not have. First, there is the Continuum. Second, there is also the full access to Microsoft Office. Third, there is also the easy integration between phone and PC.

Microsoft's Windows OS is something everyone knows like the back of their hands. It's probably time for Windows Mobile to get to that part. The smooth and fast performance of the mobile OS would be such a waste if not everyone could enjoy it. It would be nice to see how Microsoft can improve its mass attraction.

How The Microsoft Surface Phone Could Succeed

The best indication that the Surface Phone will be a success is the fact that the Surface division is a big success. The team got things right and hit the jackpot with the Surface Pro 4 and Surface Book. Based on Windows Central's report, it really appears that they got everything figured out. This means that transferring the smartphone dilemma to this department is a very viable solution to help the company re-enter the smartphone market.

It's worth noting that Surface is also rumored to release an All-In-One PC this October. This suggests that Microsoft might be making use of one of its most successful division. While it's still too early to predict the Surface Phone's fate, it's not difficult to see that it has a good chance of making it big.

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