'South Park' Season 20 Episode 4 Recap: Kyle Guilty Over Butters' 'Weiner's Out' Rally; Gerald Joins Fellow Trolls

"South Park" Season 20 is back with its fourth episode following a week-long hiatus. The episode titled "Weiner's Out" which aired Wednesday, Oct. 12, featured Butters' "no-pants" rally and Kyle's guilt about it. Meanwhile, Gerald was convinced to join forces with the other trolls. Check out the recap below.

In "South Park" Season 20 Episode 4, the boys at South Park Elementary School took their feud with the girls to the next level. It can be recalled that in a previous episode, a troll under the codename "skankhunt42" harassed the girls at school. The boys failed to find and reveal the bully's true identity resulting to a collective dumping by the girls.

However, it seems like Butters has had enough of the girls' retaliation and gathered a sect of boys at school to fight back. He sets out his plan against the girls' unfair punishment for the innocent boys. Meanwhile, Kyle tried to bring the boys to watch a girls' volleyball game to somehow show their support. Little did he know that Butters has something else in mind.

As the National Anthem started playing during the game, Butters stages a protest along with his followers and showed everyone that they are not ashamed of being a boy. Sure enough, Butters and the boys dropped their pants exposing their "wieners." They proudly raise their fists and shout "wieners out!"

On the other hand, the girls were flabbergasted. They tried to tone down the protest but PC Principal rejected it claiming that the rally is technically peaceful. Meanwhile, Kyle is feeling guilty about the whole ordeal that he reached out to Cartman for help. Unfortunately, Cartman appears to be too busy with his girlfriend Heidi and did not want to get involved with anything sexist. Kyle was left with no choice but to give in and join Butters movement.

As for Gerald, he continues to restrain himself from any electronic access following the suicide of a Danish athlete because of his trolling. However, he finds it really challenging, thus ended up sneaking into the bathroom to continue trolling.

A fellow troll tracked down Gerald and showed him a BBC report featuring an upcoming service that can track one's internet activity and identify the user. He persuades Gerald to join the other trolls and unite with their goal. The episode ended with Gerald joining the other trolls in a dark room.

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