Ford F-Series Release Date, Update: Delay Caused By Parts Issues?

Ford's F-Series Super Duty has been delayed. Now, it has been pinpointed that the cause for this are "parts issues."

Ford Super Duty Launching Is Delayed

Ford F-Series Super Duty is the biggest among the F-series trucks, even larger than F-250, F-350 and F-450. The only small part about this latest truck is the blue logo on its grille. Despite that the Ford Fusion's received good feedbacks, the company is not ready to launch Super Duty.

According to a report on Wall Street Journal, the reason why there are delays on launching the Super Duty is because the unavailability of parts of the gigantic truck. A union official on Ford in Louisville said to their workers that parts are needed for the production of the trucks.

The delay of the Super Truck's release will cause negative effect on the sales of Ford for the third quarter of the year. Rodney James, truck factory's union chairman, said that it is impossible to produce the lost units for the third quarter.

Additionally, Ford is not telling the public what parts are needed by the truck. The same problem was encountered by the car maker last year with F-150, but the automaker admitted that aluminum frames are missing for continuous production, in a report on Autoguide.

With the shortage news, Ford is trying to meet the demand, which is why the company wants to increase the production, in a report on Autoblog.

 "We continue ramping up production on the all-new Super Duty. As with all vehicle launches, we are working closely with our suppliers to meet customer demand for the truck, which has been outstanding in its early weeks," said Ford Spokesperson Kelli Felker.

Ford Super Duty's Specs

Ford Super Duty has two engines such as 6.2-liter V8 Gas with horsepower of 385 at 5750 revolutions per minute (rpm) and torque of 430 at 3800 rpm and 6.7-liter Power Stroke V8 Turbo Diesel with a horsepower of 440 at 2800 rpm with torque of 925 at 1800 rpm, according to Ford.

The Super Duty is for maximum towing that is why its engines are built stringer than its predecessors. It is also capable for driving with longer distances.

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