What’s With the 2016 MacBook Series That Makes It Standout From the Rest?

Apple Inc. unveils more details on the much anticipated MacBook during a special event at the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts. Photo : Stephen Lam/Getty Images

News about the upcoming MacBook series took the internet by storm. Rumors and speculations pertaining its design and specs have been rapidly spreading. What makes the newest MacBook series a total standout? And why do more people seem to love it over other brands?

Here are technically 4 reasons that prove why the product is a constant hit, other than its specs and killer features.

Nobody Understands Style the Way Apple Does

Nobody understands style the way Apple does. While there are a million different styles of laptops out there, everyone agrees that no one can beat the exuding sleekness and chicness of a MacBook. They are way too cool to handle.

With the launch of HP Envy series and the upcoming Surface Book 2 which, plans to take on Apple's flagship, the laptop gaming just got thinner and lighter. But despite their recent upgrades, MacBook still proves to be way ahead as it plans to take on next-gen technology such as the OLED touch bar and Touch ID sensor along with an even thinner MacBook to date.

Who wouldn't love MacBook's choice of color? They are elegant enough to be sported along with your favorite essentials as it comes in gold, rose gold, space gray and silver, the perfect hues to match your perfect day.

Apple makes upgrading its OS simple

What's good with MacBook is that users need not to be much of a techie to understand its specs and updates. Unlike other Tech brands that deals with you in languages only a programmer understands, Apple smoothly transitions its users to the latest OS without hassle and for free. The 2016 MacBook Pro and Air will run the newer version of MacOS Sierra.  

It also comes in a much larger display with better Force Touch trackpad. Thankfully, it will still retain its 3.5mm headphone jack.

MacBooks are Cheaper In The Long Run

Compared to other laptops, MacBook may cost more than a thousand or two. But the price of ownership is not based on the acquisition cost rather, the residual value after a user decides to sell it or trade it in. It's the difference between these two things that tell you upfront how much your laptop really costs. Try comparing the value of your Microsoft, Lenovo, Acer or HP laptops from, say, two years ago and compare that to what you can get from your 3 year old MacBook. There's no doubt that Mac wins easily in this contest.

For Apple, User-Experience Always Comes First

What most people love about Apple is that they are consumer-oriented, meaning their products are always geared towards the user's comfort, efficiency and style. It is only with Apple that we see a "design experience" principle.

All of its products, including the MacBook are designed in shapes and colors that a user can automatically resonate with. With the MacBook Air and MacBook Pro 2016, Apple takes on ergonomics in a more creative way. Both laptops are originally unique and complicatedly simple. 

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