'Quantico' Season 2 Episode 3 & 4 Spoilers & Updates: Alex Faces More Betrayal; More Steamy Scenes For Alex And Ryan

"Quantico" season 2 may have thrown Alex Parrish into a high-stake hostage taking drama but it doesn't mean that viewers would only see action-packed scenes this season. From what fans have seen so far, the second season would also have tons of steamy scenes between Alex and Ryan.

"Quantico" Season 2 Recap and Spoilers

Based on the events so far, Alex is still embroiled in the hostage taking situation and she would need her wits and gut feeling to get through a tough situation. In the upcoming episodes, Alex will find herself as a hostage and see a familiar face in the enemy line. She becomes the subject of a new exchange and she needs to think and act quickly if she wants to prevent the terrorists from getting what they want.

With someone from the inside involved in the terrorist attack, it won't be easy for her to determine who among her people are her true allies.

Ryan-Alex Love Story

Among the most anticipated parts of "Quantico" season 2 is the relationship between Alex and Ryan. The season premiere teased about steamy scenes between the couple. While there are a lot of fans who are rooting for the couple, the challenges this season will take its toll on their relationship.

Being on The Farm already placed a lot of strain on their relationship, and with the way season 2 is unfolding, the couple could end up as adversaries. Once again, Alex needs to face the fact that her world is filled with people that she cannot trust. Ryan breached that trust before and they might end up against each other this time. With too many spies in the Agency, it's hard for Alex to trust anyone, even Ryan.

Given these circumstances, it would be interesting to see how the couple’s relationship will progress or how their love story will end in "Quantico" season 2.

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