The Walking Dead's Norman Reedus: Did He Just Confirm The Death Of A Main Character?

Halloween is almost here and so as the 7th season of The Walking Dead. AMC's greatest hit will again terrify us and leave us breathless as they have done before.

A lot of fans are not that happy on how the season ended last time. Most of the critiques actually called it a flop. The misdirection and the introduction of Negan just destroyed the flow of the show. Some fans are convinced that the producers are losing its grip on its creative control. However, some fans says otherwise.

To tell you honestly, I enjoy the direction of the show right now. Misdirection is sometimes the key to leave the fans hanging. It makes them more curious and wants to see more of the show. I also consider it as a great marketing strategy. Fans will likely tune in more if they are curious with the outcome, rather than knowing what the outcome already is.

The Walking Dead's facebook page was also bombarded by hate comments by some "fans", but that doesn't change their plan. As the producers have mentioned before, they are trying to make the series much better by bringing a lot of suspense and detours on some episodes.

Last week, the great Norman Reedus sat down with SNL alumnus, Jimmy Fallon on The Tonight Show. As expected, Jimmy Fallon wants Reedus to "spoil some beans" on the new season of The Walking Dead. Fallon was persistent during the interview and tried his best to confuse the actor for him to give some whereabouts about season 7.

Reedus then started talking about the show. He mentioned what is like to see the zombies munching some cheetos and hanging with them on the set. Then he gave out a warning on what will happen when the show returns on October 23. "I imagine a lot of people will be kicking their television sets," he said. If you are going to connect all the speculations from last three weeks and what reedus said, you might have guessed who Negan killed last season.

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