OnePlus May Release A New Phone, But It Will Not Be The OnePlus 4

After OnePlus' third successful take on the low-priced high-end OnePlus series, new rumor arise about the company's plan to produce yet another flagship this year. However, it won't probably be the highly anticipated OnePlus 4. Unfortunately for the excited fans out there, the OnePlus 4 is still bound for 2017 as no new release date has been announced for it.

OnePlus' New Phone For 2016

What's expected to come out from OnePlus' doors right now is a new variant for the OnePlus 3. It doesn't have a name yet, so tech bloggers identify it under two different names. Some would call it the OnePlus 3S and some would call it the OnePlus 3 Plus. So while everyone was talking about next year's OnePlus 4, the company took everybody by surprise as the news about another OnePlus 3 come out.

OnePlus 3 Plus / OnePlus 3S Rumors

The upcoming flagship variant from OnePlus will still look the same. Fans should expect the bigger change in design for the OnePlus 4. As of now, Tech Radar says that the new phone will only change internally. Instead of using Snapdragon 820, the rumored OnePlus 3S/ 3 Plus will use a faster chip that is the Snapdragon 821. Also, instead of using an AMOLED display, the company might shift to LCD.

OnePlus 3 Shortage, Is It True?

The main reason why the rumor about a new phone came out is the alleged shortage of OnePlus 3. According to recent headlines, OnePlus is taking too long in delivering the new flagship to buyers. It was said that the shortage in AMOLED display brought about this OnePlus 3 dilemma. Because of this, the company might need to do something to meet the demand for their 2016 flagship. Since the OnePlus 4 is too far ahead, shifting to different specs for the OnePlus 3 must be the most viable solution.

Needless to say, OnePlus hasn't confirmed this yet and this remains a rumor. Android Central says that OnePlus admitted that there is a delay in the shipment and it is caused by this year's high demand in AMOLED display. However, nothing has been confirmed about the alleged new flagship variant.

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