Google Maps for Android Updated – Turn-by-Turn Bike Navigation Introduced

Google Maps for Android has received a brand new and exciting update. Per reports, the company has crossed 530,000kms (nearly 330,000 miles) for cycling routes which are dedicated to bike trails and bike-friendly roadways.

The feature update has added mobile biking directions in Google Maps for Android in all 10 countries (Australia, Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, the Netherlands, Norway, Sweden, Switzerland, and the UK) where Google launched desktop biking directions last month. This addition also includes hill-averse turn-by-turn biking navigation (also supported with voice) in countries that support biking directions.

This update implies that users can now mount their device onto handlebars to see the turn-by-turn directions and navigation, or use speaker-mode to hear voice-guided directions. Biking directions were first added to Google Maps in U.S. and Canada in 2010.

The new update shows green biking lines in Google Maps. Dark green lines on the map illustrate dedicated bike trails and paths with no motor vehicles, light green lines highlight streets with bike lanes and, finally, dashed green lines show other streets recommended for cycling. The biking navigation feature even helps users avoid steep hills.

According to the official Google Blog, riders can add bike trails, lanes and suggested routes to Google Maps where both Map Maker and biking directions are available, which helps in creating a more comprehensive map for everyone living in or visiting their community.

The update is currently available in Google's Play Store.

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