Destiny Rise of Iron Update: More Difficult Gameplay, Better Rewards Coming Next Week

The Destiny Rise of Iron gameplay will definitely change next week with the release of the Heroic mode Bungie announced. The game developer said that with the difficulty increased, so will the player's Light level cap be. But, of course, along with the increased difficulty comes a corresponding increase in the Light limit on rewards as well.

As Bungie had announced, the Destiny Rise of Iron Heroic mode for the Wrath of the Machine raid will be up next Tuesday, Oct. 18. The 2.4.1 patch version of the game will specifically be released at 10 a.m. Pacific Time. However, the game will just go live four hours after the release. This will give all the teams a fair chance to download and attack the Heroic mode of Destiny Rise of Iron.

Going back to the Light level, the maximum Light level will be increased from 385 to 400. The present Light level in Destiny Rise of Iron has been the maximum since it was first released three weeks ago.

To motivate the raid teams, Destiny Rise of Iron will also raise the Light rewards to 400 as well on Crucible matches, exotic engrams, Nightfall strikes, Iron Banner games, Trial of Osiris rounds, and strike chests.

On the other hand, Archons Forge, Heroic SIVA strike playlist, and legendary engrams will receive maximum rewards of 385 Light while SIVA strike and rare engrams will be decreased to 365.

Destiny Rise of Iron senior designer Victoria Dollbaum, however, said that players should not worry because the recommended Light level will only change with the Nightfall activity, which goes from 360 to 380. All other activities will still have the same.

Other changes that will come with the 2.41 version of the Destiny Rise of Iron update includes the frequency of reward drops after completing Archon's Forge , which will increase up to 400 Light.

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