Resident Evil 7 Update: A Familiar Character Making A Comeback?

Resident Evil 7 has only few months left on the clock before the game will hit the store. As reported, the game will give fans a whole new horror experience with Capcom revising the overall gameplay of the upcoming title. The company has recently released a new trailer to keep the fans pumped up prior to the game's official release. The new video footage features a phone call from someone who sounds interestingly similar from someone in the past Resident Evil game.

According to Game Rant, the trailer released by Capcom today showcased a playable character named Ethan. He goes to answer multiple phones which was predicted to be sprawling around the Baker Family Plantation. During the trailer, only one phone call was heard. However, the allegation that the mysterious caller is the previous Resident Evil character named Sheva Alomar. Players will be answering calls from her throughout the game.

For players who are not quite aware with Resident Evil 5, Sheva Alomar served as Chris Redfield's partner in that series. In the upcoming Resident Evil 7, the message dedicated to players which presumably came from Sheva saying: "You really shouldn't come here."

The series of phone calls seen on this trailer were similar to the calls from the Beginning Hour demo. However, the voice sounded different than the one who was speaking on the footage. Apparently, some of the fans predicted that the unknown caller from the Beginning Hour and its Twilight Version update was another Resident Evil Character, Ada Wong.

These claims might be true at some point. However, we learned before that fan favorite Leon S. Kennedy is not part of the upcoming game as previously confirmed by his voice actor. He also added that the appearance of the classic characters from the franchise is unlikely to happen. If he is right, these presumed identical voices from Ada Wong and Sheva Alomar is still questionable.

Apparently, Capcom is planning to release another update for the demo to solve some of the mysteries regarding these suspicious voices and their true identity. As of now, it is suggested that fans will have to wait for Capcom's next official announcement.

Resident Evil 7 will be available on Jan 24, 2017 for PC, PlayStation, PlayStation VR and Xbox One.


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