Recent Survey Reveals Drivers Tend To Be Very Dangerously Lax In Semiautonomous Cars

It will only take some more years before the era of fully autonomous cars emerge victorious. Automakers seem to be racing towards reaching that end goal first. However, people also express concerns with crash reports of vehicles like the Tesla Model S. Though a recent survey shows that drivers may be even more lax in semiautonomous cars.

Being Lax When Driving A Semiautonomous Car

A recent survey of State Farm revealed a really disturbing fact. According to, more than a third of respondents said that they would eat, read, text, take pictures and access the internet. All of these things are done while they are giving the semiautonomous car full control in driving.

Columbia University's Creative Machines Lab Director Hod Lipson is equally troubled about the result. He described it as a "dangerous thing". He added that driving such cars requires split responsibility.

Semiautonomous cars are not designed to completely rid of an actual driver. Tesla also pointed this out amidst the issue of its Autopilot feature. Even Germany's Federal Motor Authority has reminded Tesla owners to be attentive when using these cars.

Tesla already has promised that it will make improvements in its flawed system. They assured that the Autopilot function will be safer to use.

Despite such risk in people's safety, automakers are keen on pursuing driverless cars. Several federal transportation officials think that they will be proven safer. However, it remains to be seen. Accidents related to these cars are more evident.

NAFA's Fleet Management And The Connected Vehicle

The NAFA Fleet Management Association will be conducting a webinar called Fleet Management and the Connected Vehicle. A companion whitepaper on the paper has also been issued, according to the Fleet Owner.

This is primarily to address the increasing usage of digital tools, connectivity and platforms in modern automotive products. This includes the already present semiautonomous vehicles and the impending fully-autonomous vehicles. It will also discuss the challenges they pose.

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