'Frozen 2' News And Updates: Idina Menzel To Be Replaced By Taylor Swift? Elsa To Get A New Dress?

Disney's worldwide hit "Frozen" has reportedly been confirmed to have a sequel soon. However, very little information has been disclosed yet making fans anticipate it even more. Recently, rumors surfaced online that singer-actress Idina Menzel might be replaced by Taylor Swift. In addition, Elsa's iconic blue dress might be replaced soon. Check out the details below.

According to reports, Idina Menzel backed out of her role as Elsa and that replacement have been discussed already. The same source also added that Menzel will be replaced by either Taylor Swift or Rihanna. However, avid fans of "Frozen" opposed the idea claiming that it would be hard to replace Menzel as her voice has become attached to Elsa's character already.

Contrary to the said rumor, it was reported multiple times in the past, that both Menzel and Kristen Bell will reprise their role as Elsa and Anna in "Frozen 2." In fact, both appeared in "Frozen Fever," the movie's short sequel. Both have been very vocal as well in expressing their interest in making comeback in the highly anticipated sequel.

Meanwhile, it was also reported that the iconic blue dress of Elsa might be replaced in "Frozen 2." It is no secret that Elsa's blue dress has been the theme of almost all Disney loving children in every costume party they attend. Given that the blue dress alone was able to be a success on its own, introducing a new dress in "Frozen 2" seems to be a smart move, both promotional and financial aspect.

"Frozen" merchandise has become a huge success, raking in big amount of income for the franchise. From dolls, books, sing-a-long DVds to Elsa and Anna's outfits, all have proven to be a blockbuster hit. With this, it is only inevitable for "Frozen 2" to have the same, if not, an even better line-up of merchandise.

As of this writing, no other information has been confirmed yet regarding "Frozen 2." Fans will have to wait and see if "Frozen 2" will be as successful as the original one.

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