‘The Big Bang Theory Season 10 Episode 5 Spoilers: Howard & Bernadette To Take A Break From The Show?

"The Big Bang Theory" season 10, episode 5 spoilers tease Howard and Bernadette will be on a vacation mode, while Raj and Stuart will be taking advantage of their "absence." Meanwhile, Sheldon and Amy are not doing pretty well living together. Is Shamy calling it quits already?

Howard And Bernadette Take A Break

For Monday's episode, Oct. 17, Howard (Simon Helberg) and Bernadette (Melissa Ivy Rauch) are literally taking a break. While Howard and Raj (Kunal Nayyar) were at Stuart's (Kevin Sussman) shop, Howard disclosed to Raj that he and Bernadette want to make more meaningful memories before she delivers their first-born child and that would be in Palm Springs. The couple though ended up "vacationing" in their apartment bedroom as there is no Palm Springs happening. Why? That is what viewers should be watching out for.

Raj And Stuart In The Hot Tub

While all of Howard and Bernadette's friends expect them on vacation in California, Raj and Stuart seem to be taking advantage of their "absence." The couple hears someone's entering their apartment and the hot tub. In panic, Howard peeks from the window and sees Stuart in their hot tub. When the light pops in, Stuart hides himself underwater. It is Raj in his robe. As he helps himself to the tub in his bathing trunks, Stuart comes out and astonishes Raj. The couple is watching all that is happening from their bedroom window.

The hot tub scene features Raj and Stuart revealing more of their previous individual trips there when the couple was out a few times before. What happens next will shock "The Big Bang Theory" avid viewers. Just last week, the couple wanted to know the sex of their unborn baby. Howard and Bernadette expressed a baby girl is much of their desire. What could the shocking event be?

Meanwhile, Sheldon and Amy's relationship seems to be on the rocks. Are they calling it quits? Or will they be able to iron kinks out?

 "The Big Bang Theory" season 10, episode 5 airs Monday, Oct. 17 ET on CBS.


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