‘General Hospital’ News And Updates: Bryan Craig Reveals Why He Left The Show; Claims ‘It Was Time To Move On’

Following the tragic death of Morgan Corinthos in "General Hospital" last week, fans were both shocked and dismayed about the unexpected departure of actor Bryan Craig on the show. With all the speculations going around, the actor finally broke his silence and revealed why he decided to end his three and a half years of playing as Carly and Sonny's son.

According to reports, Craig has no hard feelings with "General Hospital" but feels like it was time to move on and do other things. He revealed that the show has been taking up most of his time for years now, thus preventing him from trying new opportunities.

"It's really hard to schedule anything when you're at GH under contract. There had been some projects that I had gotten close on - and some things that I wasn't even able to give a shot because of the scheduling [challenges]. My manager and I just wanted to free ourselves up and see what came through. Giving up your weekly pay check is always a scary thing."

Apparently, the actor has been missing a lot of opportunities due to his hectic schedule with "General Hospital." In fact, he revealed that his family and friends convinced him to go out there and try something new. "I talked about it with a couple of close friends and my parents, too, and Kelly [Thiebaud, ex-Britt, his fiancée] definitely pushed me to go out there and see what I can get. Maurice [Benard, Sonny] was also a big supporter of me going out there and doing my thing."

Aside from his family and friends, executive producer Frank Valentini also showed his full support and helped him with his transition. And so far, it seems like all his preparation has paid off. According to reports, as soon as Craig left "General Hospital," he immediately landed a role in the upcoming movie "Ride." The actor even shared a photo of himself as Jack, sporting a shaved head.

So far, no other details have been revealed about Craig's upcoming movie. Meanwhile, "General Hospital" has been rumored to be looking for a replacement to play Morgan Corinthos. Since there was no dead body found after the explosion, many speculate that Morgan might still be alive. With the way the accident took place, it is only fitting for him to have plastic surgery and look totally different in case he survived.

In fact, a casting call has been released, looking for "20 to 25 years old, Caucasian male. He is brooding and intense. He is complicated and troubled. Underneath his edge, he is a soulful young man trying to figure things out." That may best describe Craig's character in the series.

"General Hospital" airs every weekday at 2pm on ABC.

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