South Korean Government Launches Its Own Probe On Galaxy Note 7 Explosions

Samsung's infamous Galaxy Note 7 has become probably the biggest disaster to hit the tech industry this year. The Korean-based company has previously recalled the said phone.

The initial solution was to replace the supposedly defective batteries. However, Samsung recently ended the production and sale of the said device. Constant reports of explosions amidst replacements suggest that Samsung has not figured out its real cause.

Korean Government Stepping In

The Yonhap News Agency reported that the country's Korea Testing Laboratory (KTL) has started its own probe on the Galaxy Note 7 phone explosions. They will specifically look into five phones that caught fire in South Korea in early October.

This has been disclosed by an industry official knowledgeable of the matter. The source further revealed that KTL will use latest technologies such as X-ray and computerized tomography to exactly determine the cause of the problem.

A Samsung official has confirmed KTL's own probe. Though the said official also pointed out that they are also doing everything they can. The company is adamant on getting the exact problem this time.

Samsung's Own Investigation

Samsung should get it right this time. The tech company has to salvage its reputation. The supposed lithium-ion battery defect did not help. IHS Technology Head of Mobile Analysis Ian Fogg said that the said assessment should be Samsung's top priority.

He also echoed the sentiment that Samsung did not truly understand the cause during the initial Note 7 recall.

According to Forbes, there are already more than 100 incidents of Note 7 devices caught on fire in the US alone. This is equivalent to $5.3 billion expense from Samsung's operating profit for the next two-quarters. Analysts say that the result of the tech company's current probe is crucial.

Fogg agreed that it will be significant in re-building the trust of their customers. Samsung should also ensure their future devices will not suffer the same fate as the Note 7.

Transparency To The Public

Gartner's Research VP Tracy Tsai shared an advice to Samsung of transparency to the public. Tsai added that the Note 7 crisis should serve as a lesson.

Canalys Analyst Ben Stanton said that the tech giant should also take full responsibility. This may alleviate negative sentiments from consumers. Though Stanton added that the damage has already been done.

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