'The Incredibles 2' News And Updates: Frozone Is The New Villain? Pre-Production Work Already Started

The "Incredibles 2" comeback movie will hit the big screen on 2019 and reports claim that one of its possible villains is the family's long-time friend Lucius Beast aka Frozone. Pre-production of the upcoming movie is reported to be already in the works so a delay is unlikely to happen.

Lucius Beast is another superhero in the first movie and is Mr. Incredible's best friend. His main power is the ability to freeze and create ice surfaces through his hands. He was Bob Parr's best man and believed to also be the Godfather of Bob's three children. One of his known weakness is the inability to use his powers when dehydrated. Sources report that Frozone may be too tired of being a sidekick and wants to be known for himself and not just the superhero who helps Mr. Incredible.

Meanwhile, director Brad Bird reveals that the movie is already in its pre-production stage even though the movie is three years away from its scheduled release. He confirms that everyone is already moving and excited about the project. The director also shares that the new movie will take a new direction but assures its avid fans that it will still have the same feel as its first installment. Bird promises a great storyline as he would not agree to take the project if it's not.

The director was also asked if he can give any hint about the upcoming movie, he says he's not the kind of person to give spoilers and says it's like unwrapping a Christmas present before Christmas. However, one report says the director hinted that the sequel's trick is to repeat something without repeating something and the upcoming movie will focus on the characters rather than their super abilities.

The movie is said to show more of the family's relationship which makes the director more confident that its fans will love the new storyline.

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