MacBook Pro and Air To Make Or Break Apple's Declining PC Market Share

Forbes has reported Apple plans to launch the new MacBook Pro and MacBook Air this October. Though this has not been confirmed by the tech company. The upcoming upgrade will be a good news for MacBook users. For Apple, it's also relevant as they try to save their PC market share.

The PC Market Is Declining

Two major market research and global firms have recently issued reports that include the PC market share. According to the Tech Times, the said market has been declining for eight uninterrupted quarters. Both the International Data Corporation (IDC) and Gartner agree that the PC market is getting worse though they have provided different figures.

IDC claims that the market drop is at 3.9 percent. Apparently, 68 million PCs were bought in the third quarter of 2016 compared to that of last year.

Gartner has put it at a higher 5.7 percent of PC market drop. It also became evident that the effect is worst for Apple and Acer. Gartner revealed that Lenovo and HP Inc. have the biggest preliminary worldwide PC shipments. This is subject to change with the release of final shipment results.

Apple's Declining PC Market Share

Based on Gartner's report, Apple's market share went from 7.8 percent in the third quarter of 2015 down to 7.2 percent this year. That means Apple has lost 13.4 percent of its shipments. The preliminary worldwide PC unit shipments of Apple is at 4.9 million from last year's 5.7 million.

Tech Times further reports that such impact on Apple is contrary to the previous years.

Gartner's Principal Analyst said that this decline is supported by their 2016 personal technology survey. The result showed that most consumers don't have the need to upgrade their PCs.

Instead, people now prefer to invest in smartphones and tablets. These devices are not only more portable. They also offer good performance and exciting features.

Apple may still salvage its PC market share. Hopefully, the upcoming MacBooks have amazing new upgrades. Considering the success of the iPhone 7, Apple might have already solved this issue. The reported launch this October may tell Apple's strategy.

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