7 PlayStation VR Games That Will Not Cause Motion Sickness

PlayStation VR has caused some controversies recently after reports surfaced that some players who have used it reported vomiting and dizziness because of motion sickness. Although the reports are true that there are games that cause motion sickness, it is unfair to generalize all games and discard all of them. After all, the PlayStation VR is still a cool piece of machine.

There might be reports of players experiencing motion sickness after using the PlayStation VR, but there are 7 games you can try which will leave you unscathed even after playing. These games are reportedly safe and those who have already tried them can attest that they are harmless in the VR mode.

These games that will not cause you motion sickness when you play them include Tumble, Headmaster, Batman: Arkham VR, Job Simulator, Hustle Sky, and Wayward Sky. On the other hand, Ocean Descent from PlayStation VR Worlds is also tolerable despite requiring more movements than the games mentioned before it. However, the forward and backward actions can cause a bit of dizziness for some.

It appears that most of the games that do not cause motion sickness are those that do not require a lot of movements. You can just move either your hands or your head in these games but it does not require the character to move a lot.

Meanwhile, the games who reportedly caused motion sickness include Battlezone, Driveclub VR, and EVE:Valkyrie. As opposed to those non-motion sickness games, these games require a lot of movement causing players to get dizzy and vomit. It is recommended that those who experience such symptoms should refrain from playing the game.

The PlayStation VR is also not recommended for kids who are under 12 years old. And for those who are still getting some problems, just play your favorite games using the regular PlayStation console.

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