'Pirates Of The Caribbean 5' News, Updates: Plot Takes After ‘Black Pearl’s’ Ghostly Theme; Johnny Depp, Orlando Bloom Back With New Partners?

Even if "Pirates of the Caribbean 5: Dead Men Tell No Tales" is scheduled for release in May 2017, there is still a lot that fans do not know about the fifth installment in the series. Based on the latest news from Disney and the rumor mill, the upcoming "Pirates of the Caribbean" movie will go back to its roots and feature the same ghostly theme in "The Curse of the Black Pearl" that made the franchise such a hit. Orlando Bloom will lose his partner in the movie and Johnny Depp who plays Captain Jack Sparrow will have a new love interest.

Captain Salazar And His Ghostly Crew

"Pirates of the Caribbean 5: Dead Men Tell No Tales" is already one of the movies to watch out for in 2017. With the release of the new trailer that shows a pirate adventure involving a ghostly crew, fans are ever more excited for this movie.

The first trailer released features Captain Salazar who tells a new character identified as Henry to relay a message to Sparrow. With the dead Captain Salazar after him, the Trident of Poseidon is Sparrow's only hope of survival which would also be the focus of "Pirates of the Caribbean 5."

"Pirates of the Caribbean 5" Cast & Production

Among the biggest questions that fans have is if Johnny Depp will be in the movie. Reports from various media outlets claim that Depp will resume his famous role in "Pirates of the Caribbean." Apparently, the actor will be part of the newest offering of the movie franchise, and Orlando Bloom is also back in the movie after he refused to star in the fourth installment.

Carina Smith, played by Kaya Scodelario, will join Jack Sparrow in his adventure to reclaim the Trident of Poseidon. Meanwhile, Orlando Bloom will not have a partner in the movie since Kiera Knightley is no longer part of the cast.

Other characters included in "Dead Men Tell No Tales" are Brenton Thwaites, Javier Bardem, David Wenham, and Geoffrey Rush.

 "Pirates of the Caribbean 5: Dead Men Tell No Tales" will air on May 26, 2017.

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