2017 Porsche 911 Turbo S: Powerful, Fast, And Family Friendly?

By Angelie C. , Oct 17, 2016 05:51 PM EDT

Porche's 2017 911 Turbo S, the priciest and most powerful sports car in a flashy tangerine. It could beat Ferrari or a Lamborghini in appearance and performance and its new features are really impressive, but as noticed by many, the 2017 model sports car is quite unique on its own.

The 2017 Porche 911 Turbo S is assembled with bigger turbochargers, larger impellers, and customized cylinder heads with a boost controller.

The Turbo S has 580 PS, 40 more than the normal Turbo. It does zero to sixty in an astounding 2.8 seconds and maxes out at 205 mph (330 km/h). It comes solely with a dual-clutch PDK transmission, which even living racing legend Hurley Haywood says does a perfect job with the knob left in D, and all-wheel drive according to Carscoops.

The 2017 911 Turbo S offers improved fuel economy and improved performance of 2 miles per gallon, resulting in  better EPA mileage numbers. The car's powertrain, which are rear-mid mounted, twin turbocharged 3.8-liter DOHC flat-six are also quiet remarkable. The car also features all-wheel drive with water-cooling, multi-clutch transfer case; rear torque vectoring.

The 2017 Porsche 911 Turbo S has a top speed of 205 mph, marking the first time the model has a 200-mph barrier and is actually pretty family friendly. Despite the car's aggressive performance, it has a fair-sized trunk and rear seats that can fit two medium-sized people and a pretty capable capacity of 13.3 cubic feet.

Porsche says one in four 911s sold in the U.S. is sold in California, to customers with an average annual income of $600,000 stated from Los Angeles Times.

The 2017 911 Porsche S turbo is a workout in sleek modulation, ride refinement, and long-range comfort. So don't hate the rich. Start saving and experience driving one of the finest cars on the freeway today.

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