Elon Musk Announced Delay Of Tesla New Product Launch Until Wednesday

By Jiran , Oct 18, 2016 04:39 AM EDT

Tesla Motors CEO Elon Musk has previously teased a new product that was should have been launched this Monday. He was so excited about it that he said the new product would be "unexpected by most". However, Musk seems to be singing a different tune as he just announced the delay of the said launch. The unveiling of the new Tesla product won't be until this Wednesday.

Tesla's New Product Launch

Musk revealed on his Twitter account that the new product launch will be moved two days later than originally planned. He said that the delay is due to some more refinements being done on the said product.

There have been several reports on what the new Tesla product will be. It could be either a new vehicle or an updated Autopilot assistance system.

According to TechCrunch, the new vehicle can be a Roadster 2.0. Though most people are anticipating of the Tesla Model 3 reveal. The new Model 3 sedan was first introduced back on March 31.

 Digital Trends reports that the car's inside is still a mystery. This is despite a number of news and rumors about the Model 3. One of these rumors is the supposed spartan driverless cabin.

An improvement to Tesla controversial Autopilot driver assistance technology is also possible. The said feature has become a concern for the driver's safety. Germany is particularly critical of the Autopilot function. They called it as a "considerable traffic hazard".

Letters have also been sent to Tesla Model S owners to be cautious in using the Autopilot feature. Just recently, Tesla was also asked to stop using the misleading term "Autopilot".

Another Announcement On October 28

Musk also reminded his Twitter followers about the major announcement on Oct. 28. This has something to do with Tesla and the energy service provider SolarCity. The decision on the possible merger of these two companies will be revealed in November.

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