Gears of War 4 Overpriced Microtransactions Causes Outrage, Game Sales Affected

Gears of War 4 has just been released, a week from now to be exact. However, the news and rumors surrounding it haven't been positive. The outrage, according to news, has something to do with the game's microtransactions getting out of hand.

Before launching Games of War 4 Ultimate Edition on Oct. 11, Coalition has pre-ordered the game allowing those who do so to play the game four days in advance of the official release. Both releases have a Store filled with microtransactions that are reportedly overpriced and is becoming the practice for triple-A franchise releases.

The Coalition has promised Gears of War 4 players that the card system and loot boxes placed randomly in the game will just be cosmetic items will mostly be optional and will not affect the gameplay in general, especially the competitive mode. It turned out, however, that the card packs are horribly overpriced and if that wasn't enough profiteering, they have turned the Horde mode of the game into a play-to-win environment.

In Horde mode, characters become much stronger and able to earn unique skills through card pack. That means, players who spend more will, of course, acquire stronger and more unique skills for their characters.

Because of this, the Gears of War 4 dream is becoming a nightmare for fans of the game with most of them expressing their anger for feeling that they have just been ripped off. They say that most of the goals in the games focus on players to purchase more.The Gears of War 4 forums and community has the same sentiments nowadays. They think Microsoft Studios and The Coalition have been handling the issue badly. They are also thinking about boycotting the Store.

One fan has this to say: "The Gears of War 4 eSports Supporter Pack 1 is a huge rip-off." Another player answered back saying, "Just spent my first 3,500 on an elite pack, I am so pissed."

What is Gears of War 4 loss can be Battlefield 1's gain because one fan praised EA for handling the issue much better than how The Coalition is handling the Gears of War 4 issue.

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