Torture Test Proves That The iPhone 7 Is A Sturdy Apple Flagship

The iPhone 7 is one of the most talked-about phones of the year. With that said, it's no longer a surprise that people want to test its durability through a torture test. Luckily for people who only have enough money to buy one iPhone 7, there is someone out there who's willing to lose an iPhone in exchange for a torture test. Popular YouTube channel JerryRigEverything has you covered.

iPhone 7 Scratch Test

The scratch test was done using tools that vary in degree of sharpness, Fortune. The scratching tools are basically leveled from one to nine and the iPhone 7 did not show any scratch from level-two to level-five. However, upon getting scratched with a level-six and level-seven tool, the iPhone 7's screen got badly scratched. This means that your iPhone 7 is safe from coin and key scratches but it won't be safe from sharper materials. JerryRigEverything's scratch test did not end with the iPhone 7's screen. The remainder of the phone's body was also put to the test and they also got scratched at a certain level of sharpness.

iPhone 7 Burn Test And Bend Test

The same reviewer also tried to burn the iPhone 7's display and the result is quite interesting. Within ten seconds of contact with flame, the display darkened. However, in just a matter of seconds, the darkened pixels vanished and the iPhone 7's display is back to normal. For the bend test, the reviewer suggests not sitting on your iPhone 7. However, it's still worth mentioning that the phone is not easily bent but at a certain level of bending, its waterproof adhesive could be torn apart causing the iPhone to be less intact than it originally was.

iPhone 7 Waterproof Test

A different set of reviewers have experimented on the iPhone 7's waterproof build and the results are quite positive. Surfer Kai Lenny has put the iPhone 7 through a surfing test and the device worked alright even after 30 minutes of being in the waters. This should be quite interesting especially since Apple advises users not to expose the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus to salt water.

Furthermore, VentureBeat also took the iPhone 7 to a shower test and the results are just as satisfying. It was said that the phone's audio is doing great despite water exposure. The only drawback is the phone's Touch ID which doesn't function very well while wet, but it isn't exactly a bad thing especially since the Touch ID goes back to its old self after getting dried up.

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