2018 Ford Bronco Rumors: Upcoming SUV To Be Based On 2017 Raptor?

Ford Motor Company has confirmed early this year that the company will be launching Four SUVs in the next four years starting 2017. Speculations are high that one of these four SUVs would be one that fans of the firm have long been waiting for - the newest iteration of the Ford Bronco. 

We have seen a proposed union contract and UAW representative Bill Johnson has given us some hope that the Bronco and the Ranger are coming back. This would be great news and excitement for drivers in the United States who can't get enough of trucks and SUVs right now. Indeed, the release appears to be just in time for Ford to expand its lineup.

Devoted Fans have been demanding to get the model back once again since the last generation of the Ford Bronco died way back in 1996. That model was based on the Ford 5-150 and there have been speculations suggesting that the next generation Bronco would be based on the upcoming 2017 Raptor.

Having said that, there could also be the chance that the Bronco will be very similar to the Ford Everest, but these notions are pure speculation at this time, as stated by Product ReviewsAs for the Ranger, the mid-size pickup truck market has seen competition from the new Chevrolet Colorado, GMC Canyon, Toyota Tacoma, and the Honda Ridgeline.

What would be truly interesting, though, is if Ford based the new Bronco on another SUV built on the Ranger platform -The Troller F4, according to Road and Track. Troller T4 is a small manufacturer that Ford recently bought, which now exists as a division of the Ford Motor Company in Brazil back in 2007.

The Troller T4 is similarly sized to the Jeep Wrangler, which fuels speculation that its design might prove to be an inspiration for Ford in the creation of the new Bronco. As for what the next Bronco would look like, it seems like fans have a few more years to wait. Rumors are high that Ford might be launching the new Bronco around 2020.

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