iPhone 8 Rumors: AMOLED Screen Exclusive For Top-Tier Model, Wireless Charging Finally Featured?

Although it hasn't been released yet, the Apple´s iPhone 8 is already one of the most popular smartphones in the world, considering the expectations that have risen among consumers. One of the principal evidence that show the device's popularity is the number of rumors that have emerged, to the point where between all of them, is difficult to know which one is true. Ironically, there are two that seems to be real, even if the speculations are still unproven.

AMOLED Screen Might Be The New Display

One of the main rumors has been about how great the iPhone 8's screen will be, and the truth is that it promises to be spectacular, with its rumored OLED display, which gives better color contrasts and uses less power. It also offers improved viewing angles, better contrast ratio and a faster response time than an LCD panel.

According to Mac Rumors, Apple might be doing an important investment in AMOLED supplier AU Optronics, Samsung will provide the company with 40 million AMOLED panels by 2017, which could also be supplemented by Japan Display, Sharp and LG Display panels.

The only thing that isn't clear yet is the size of the display, since the type of panels the company will be using for the iPhone 8 are still largely unconfirmed at this point. However, Apple blogger John Gruber said he heard that Apple has plans to implement an edge-to-edge display, which means that the screen will take up the entire front of the phone.

Wireless Charging Finally A Reality?

The dream of every single smartphone lover is to charge the phone without having to use a cable, because one of the most annoying situations is when the battery is low, users have to connect it to the charger and leave it there, or using it without being able to move wherever they want.

Believe it or not, Apple´s iPhone 8 might be working hard at making a form of long-range wireless charging technology, which would not only eliminate this problem, but also create one of the best features in smartphone history. According to Learn Bonds, the battery drainage issue of smartphones would be long gone by an incredible innovation that would enable charging from a reasonable distance.

Apple´s new smartphone could be even greater than what many people expected. The tech company might release the iPhone 8 in September next year, but some people say that this could happen on June 29, the actual 10th anniversary of the iconic device. 

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