Pokemon Go Tips And Tricks: Audio Issues With Device While Playing The Game And Their Workarounds

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Today's smart phone can do almost anything we need on a daily basis. I personally use it for emailing, texting, calls, mobile games, streaming music and videos, and lots of other stuff. One of the neat things to do is listening to your favorite tunes while playing Pokemon Go but before you go get excited and try it, it is important to note that the game has had issues with device audio settings.

So one day I decided to stroll around the mall while catching some Pokemon and figured streaming music from Spotify altogether when weird audio errors occur. After experiencing this, I looked up for some answers and the guys at Otakukart.com and The Silph Road are kind enough to post some causes of these errors as well as quick fixes. Here are some of the common audio errors for Pokemon Go.

Audio from Pokemon Go cuts off while playing

I was about to catch an Abra when a wild audio notification appeared. Probable cause would be another app is overlapping the audio system of the device trying to notify you about something. To solve this, you can just set your phone to Do Not Disturb and then restart the game, so notifications won't bother you while playing Pokemon Go, Redditor /u/FireLucid suggests. Which reminds me, notifications can be helpful for most apps but for this game, it's more of a useless feature.

Ongoing music stops when turning on Pokemon Go

I experienced this firsthand when I was streaming music to my car stereo over Bluetooth. I asked my girlfriend to catch some Pokemon as we drive to the mall - it's dangerous to use your phone while driving so if you must, ask your passenger to collect goodies from Pokestops for you as you drive by them - but to our surprise, the music stopped and the Pokemon Go theme starts to play. Pokemon Go now controls your system's audio, therefore cutting the previous audio activity. Unfortunately there isn't any good work around for this issue. The only way to resolve this is to mute the game then go back to the music app you were playing, start the music then go back to Pokemon Go. So if you plan to catch some Pokemon or do battles while listening to your favorite tunes, it is recommended that you first start the game, mute the music, turn on your music player, go back to the game. bliznitch also suggest to pull down or up the task bar (depends on device) and push play from there.

Audio controls do not respond while playing Pokemon Go

Some devices have external audio controls or even those audio controls on your headset can be bothered by Pokemon Go. If you can't control the music via these external buttons while playing the game then you need to put Pokemon Go in the background for the meantime, do the adjustments, then go back to the game. Another workaround would be same as above, pull out the task bar and regain control.

So there you have it. Playing Pokemon Go and listening to music can be enjoyable but please be reminded of your surroundings. For other Pokemon Go Tips And Tricks check out our list of helpful articles here.

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